audio visual live acts, performances.


Hybrid Performance NOTATION_AI with MDI Ensemble at Festival Transart at NOI Tech Park in Bolzano, Italy, 2020. Pre-generated music by AI from dataset by italian avant-gardist composer Luigi Nono and edit by Ilia Symphocat. Stream was  from Saint Petersburg to Italy, in Russia in online form were Ilia Symphocat (composer) & Xenia Sangina (visual artist), MDI Ensemble (improvise group) were in Italy on scene and play in realtime with sound material & graphical notation. Curated by Natalia Fuchs.


Festival Transart, NOI Tech Park, Bolzano, Italy, 2020.





Symphocat - Live Act

VJ: Yuri Elik

SSI: Aakt

Sound Museum / ESG-21, St. Petersburg, 13.03.2021.








Symphocat - Live
VJ and Light: Eynoch / Looch Lab

SSI: Noiseroom

Kolos, Krasnodar, Russia 30.01.2021.


Video by Nikolay Werner








Symphocat - Live Act (dedicated to Luigi Nono)

77 Million Paintings by Brian Eno - Video Art

SSI: Noiseroom, Sound Museum / ESG-21, Saint-Petersburg, 26.12.2020.








Symphocat - Music

Alin McGrame - Poetry

77 Million Paintings by Brian Eno - Video Art


Sound Museum / ESG-21,

St. Petersburg, Russia, 28.11.2020.







Live act by ambient composer Symphocat.

Lobster Bistro & Bike Rent, St. Petersburg, Russia, 09.11.2020.







In concert Russian ambient composer Ilia Symphocat presented a sound performance from the series of works "Moment of Revelation".


Krauter with support by Kultura Records Shop

Berthold Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia, 24.01.2020.






Performance dedicated to Nam June Paik's project "TV Buddha"


Symphocat - Live Act / Online Stream

Sound Museum (ESG-21)

St. Petersburg, Russia 19.05.2020





Vicky Clarke (UK) & Ilia Symphocat - Audio Live

Mikhail Mesyac - Video Art

Museum of Nonconformist Art,

British Council | Simphonic Silence Inside

St. Petersburg, Russia 08.03.2020



Vacuum AV Project

Performance of the project as part of the Art-Urban adventure Genesis.


VACUUM is an audio -Visual project, a Performance Film created by Director Anna Matskova and musician Ilya Symphocat, which combines video art, ambient, electronic and contemporary classical music. The roles of performance artists in the film were performed by Elsa Serova, Leran Leran and the FarFor YO dance group. Katerina Korolkova (cello), Sofia Beskostenko (violin), and Victoria Rodionova (vocals) will complete the musical component of the action as performers .


VACUUM can be considered as an immersive, group process of immersion in the magnetism of the archaic and primordial world, flowing into our present and tangible reality. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in one shared emotional experience of purification, destruction, creation, depending on which atmospheric fronts or urban landscapes you choose to stay in.


Atma360, Gorky Park, Moscow, Russia 22.02.2020.



Barents Kamerata Orchestra and Symphocat.

Warm Glow (Live)

Inversia Festival 2020


From seria of compositions "Dedication to the North".


"One of the premieres at this year’s festival featured the Russian composer and sound artist Ilia Pucheglazov, who performs under the name Symphocat, and the Barents Kamerata, a scratch chamber group drawn from the local symphony orchestra and students.


Conductor: Andrey Skorokhodov

Composer: Symphocat (Ilia Pucheglazov)


Hall of the Murmansk College of Arts

Inversia Festival, Murmansk, Russia, 07.02.2020.



Ilya Selikhov, Michal Mitro, Symphocat, and KMRU
performing live as an outcome of the international laboratory GAMMA_LAB AI.

GAMMA Festival, St. Petersburg Russia, 13 July 2019.



Проект Железо / Zhelezo

Илья Symphocat - эмбиентная, электронная музыка, полевые записи.
Юрий Элик - видео арт

Новая Сцена Александринского Театра

Санкт-Петербург, 2019





Проект Фонтан: Зимние этюды

Илья Symphocat - эмбиентная, электронная музыка.
Ангелина Кокорева - флейта.
Анна Антропова - голос.

Танцевальный проект Позиция - пластический перформанс.

Микаэл Байрикян - видеопроекции.

Арт-центр Макаронка

Ростов-на-Дону, 2019










Эмбиент-Концерт: Денис Стельмах и Илья Symphocat.

Илья Symphocat - Harpa (Live)


Поморская Филармония

Архангельск, 2018










Эмбиент-Концерт: Денис Стельмах и Илья Symphocat.

Илья Symphocat - Requiem (Live)


Поморская Филармония

Архангельск, 2018



Fields Prelude / Фестиваль 90-летия Парка Горького

Илья Symphocat - электронника.
Константин Сухан - труба.


Ажурная Беседка, Парк Горького

Москва, 2018



Gamma Festival 2018

Илья Symphocat - эмбиентная, электронная музыка.
Александр Астафьев - виолончель.
Елена Левина - флейта, голос.
Алекс Зендер - саксофон.

Арт-резиденция Quartariata

Петергоф, 2018



Spbpassion Live Stream Podcast

Илья Symphocat - Live


Санкт-Петербург, 2018



Фестиваль Neukunst 2016
Дни Германии в Ростове-на-Дону

Илья Symphocat - эмбиентная, электронная музыка.
Анастасия Петрищева - вокал.
Антон Машинистов - гитара.
Коллектив Dance of Mind - пластическая композиция.

Олег Потий - видеопроекции.


Creative Space

Ростов-на-Дону, 2016