ambient, experimental, electronic, cinematic, techno.



Ambient, experimental, drone, cinematic music project. Symphocat works with the properties of harmonies and timbres of sound, feeling the connection of vibrations of subtle matters, the influence of creativity on the feeling of the inner and outer world. Music by Symphocat inspiried by nature, deep sleep, intuitive creative & self-knowledge. Ambient compositions will be good for creative thinking, meditation, healing, or achieving a state of calm. In Symphocat works you can find collaborations with free ensembles, improvising choirs, dance performers. Ilia worked with sound for fiction and documentary films. Project is actively touring and takes part in major festivals and concerts at various venues. Live acts from Symphocat can be heard on the stages of city parks, cultural institutions, art museums, philharmonic halls or electronic music festivals in industrial locations. Project active since 2007.


Indeepend is music project focusing on Techno music and explores mystical sides in rhythmical and electronic compositions, immersing listener in a mix of monotone modular aprs and dub melodies. Project performing live acts and dj sets.. Project performing live acts and dj sets. Releases of the project can be found on labels "Indeepend" and "Simphonic Silence Inside". Project active since 2013.


Electronic music project for creating deep/tech house music, releasing singles & eps. Project active since 2013.




Collaborative experimental music project, name and concept is based on 5 components, 5 coordinates of the musical sound of the band: Mind, Instinct, Nature, Organica, Rhythm. Minor band participants do not hone each song for a long time before recording, do not break the process into parts and timing, but rather tracks are born in spontaneous jam sessions or improvisation at home or concerts.
Musicians in project: Aveorm, Dreamlock, Vitaly Lalia, Symphocat. Active years from 2012 till 2015.